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Capital Model
Effective consultation in International Marketing means generating ideas and techniques for problem-solving in financing, marketing, managing and education for our clients which produce effective return on investment.  Drawing upon three decades of experience in advising business leaders and government officials, World Marketing, Inc. (WMI), assists organizations in understanding the implications of human capital, innovation capital, strategic capital and investment capital formation across cultures and nations. 

Understanding the implications of new competitive pressures and unraveling the intricacies of International customers is the key work of World Marketing, Inc.  WMI works on global change in a world where the only certainty is change in the new knowledge societies of the world.  WMI assists in developing the insight, data, and courage to be bold enough to act with new knowledge to secure the future for your firm.  WMI assembles project management teams for your specialized needs in telecom, health care, higher education, manufacturing, and information technology.

Business Opportunities are evaluated in the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Africa.  Full service International Marketing, marketing research, economic analysis, specialized business relations, or due diligence for private and public sector groups are the priorities for WMI.

The firm draws upon International consultants in economics, marketing, information technology, management, finance, social science, education and health systems for its strength in providing high quality services for International and domestic clients.  WMI operates at the highest corporate levels.

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